Introducing 31 Days of Whispered Hope for Pastors’ Wives

31 Days of Whispered Hope for Pastors Wives

Dear Pastor’s Wife,

       I know how much you enjoy receiving personal, handwritten notes.  And oh, I so wish I could send snail mail to each of you dear ladies that I have come to know and love through my blog over the past few years! But alas, the postage would cost hundreds of dollars, because there are just that many of your messages, comments, and emails both in my private email inboxes and in the five online support groups. How you have blessed me by sharing your hearts! How you have blessed each other as you realized “Oh…I’m not alone.”  And that’s just the truth of it- you’re not alone.

Whether you are in a season of struggle and trial, or in a season of abundant blessings and ministry success, this series is for you…Hope is for you.

       During the month of October, I’m going to be writing you a short note {in letter form} each day, sharing a Psalm and some words of encouragement as you labour in ministry. May you find lasting hope and encouragement from God’s precious Words.  And may you exhale and smile as you find community among kindred spirits.  If you sign up to receive posts via email (in the right sidebar there), it will be like receiving a piece of personal mail each day, delivered straight to your heart. And? If you are in a spot where you need deeper support and prayer as a pastor’s wife, send me a message through my blog and I will connect you with some amazing ladies who will be a balm to your soul.  Meanwhile, let me whisper a sparkle of hope into your heart through “31 Days of Whispered Hope for Pastors’ Wives.”


A Kindred Spirit

P.S. This post will be the “landing page” for all of the month’s posts. Each day I will add the new link below so that you can find them all in one place.

Day1: {This Post}

Day2: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day3: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day4: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 5: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 6: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 7: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 8: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 9: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 10: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 11: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 12: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 13: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 14: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 15: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 16: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 17: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 18: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 19: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 20: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 21: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 22: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 23: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 24: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 25: Dear Pastor’s Wife

day 26: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 27: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 28: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 29: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 30: Dear Pastor’s Wife

Day 31: Dear Pastor’s Wife

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Leah Highfill accepted Christ as her Saviour and became a child of God at the age of 18. Originally from the USA, she and her husband moved to the mission field of Canada in 2005, where she served in full time ministry as a pastor's wife for 10 years. During their tenure there, they became dual citizens. Leah and her family recently returned to NC and are currently enjoying a much needed sabbatical for the year of 2015. She homeschools her children {Small Son is 9 and Tiny Daughter is 7} and teaches private piano lessons on the side. She can be found reading, writing/blogging, playing the piano and violin, or ice skating. A friend to ministry wives everywhere, Leah has a passion to inspire hope and to encourage women in their walk with God. Her first book, Expecting Grace, was published in 2013. Expecting Grace is the story of Leah's experience and survival of a life threatening pregnancy, and of many medical and financial miracles along the way. Her second book is currently in process. Join her grace-filled journey right here at Embracing Grace!

11 thoughts on “Introducing 31 Days of Whispered Hope for Pastors’ Wives

  1. My heartbeats with you Leah! I wish I could write everyone that I have met as well! I’m looking forward to your daily encouragement! We all need it, including you! 😉 Isaiah 41:9-10

  2. Thank you. I’ve only been a pastors wife for a couple of months and I’m finding both blessings and challenges I did not expect. Looking forward to reading the posts this month.

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