Inconvenient Hospitality

“You wanna come over?”

The invitation was an answer to my weary “It would be nice if…” ‘thought-prayer.’

Just a few little words, spoken softly. They made my day. We had been away for most of the weekend at a conference on Prince Edward Island. We had gotten back late Saturday night and thoughts of Sunday dinner were as far away as my next birthday.

There’s something special about enjoying a meal with a family on short notice. Everything is not perfect. And that’s part of what makes it memorable. It’s not about the ‘trimmings’ of the meal, the table settings, or the house.  It’s about the fellowship. It’s about the heart.

It means that someone saw beyond themselves to a greater need in someone else’s life.

I remember the times when we’ve been on the giving end of a short notice “You wanna come over?”  While my voice was uttering the words, my head was going through the chaos in each room of the house, thinking, “oh my, the house is a wreck!”  But the pull of the heart was stronger- the urge that most surely came from God, telling me that this person standing in front of me really needed some care- and right now.

And where God prompts, He also gives the grace to perform what He has prompted.

Somehow, we’ve always had a few minutes to throw things into a closet clean up the house. We’ve always had time to wash a few dishes. We’ve always had a snack to serve (even when groceries were low), with food left over.  We’ve always had strength to minister again,  even at the end of a long day. We’ve always felt blessed when our company left because we met a need.

I am reminded of a passage in 1 Corinthians 16:17-18:

 “…for that which was lacking on your part they have supplied. For they have refreshed my spirit and yours.”

I’m challenged to increase the frequency of our family’s “inconvenient hospitality.”

Sometimes people’s needs can’t wait.

Sometimes if we think about hospitality too much, perfectionism invades and hospitality eludes.  And we miss the blessings of supplying what is lacking in others’ lives.

It’s not easy- especially for us women, who want our presentations of hospitality to be near perfect.

That’s why there’s grace~ God’s enabling to do what we can’t naturally do, and sometimes wouldn’t choose to do.

When I’m empty, He’s full.

When I have a little, He multiplies it.

And it’s more than enough. Always.


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Leah Highfill accepted Christ as her Saviour and became a child of God at the age of 18. Originally from the USA, she and her husband moved to the mission field of Canada in 2005, where she served in full time ministry as a pastor's wife for 10 years. During their tenure there, they became dual citizens. Leah and her family recently returned to NC and are currently enjoying a much needed sabbatical for the year of 2015. She homeschools her children {Small Son is 9 and Tiny Daughter is 7} and teaches private piano lessons on the side. She can be found reading, writing/blogging, playing the piano and violin, or ice skating. A friend to ministry wives everywhere, Leah has a passion to inspire hope and to encourage women in their walk with God. Her first book, Expecting Grace, was published in 2013. Expecting Grace is the story of Leah's experience and survival of a life threatening pregnancy, and of many medical and financial miracles along the way. Her second book is currently in process. Join her grace-filled journey right here at Embracing Grace!

6 thoughts on “Inconvenient Hospitality

  1. LOVING your new blog. This topic was much on my heart and mind over the last few days. Reflecting on how much I NEED friendship and fellowship and how much hospitality is LACKING today. I am guilty as well and need to work on it. Especially the “inconvenient hospitatality” – I would always just say no – things would have to be “perfect”. Definitely need to work on that. (And just maintaining my home better.)
    Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker recently posted..My favorite 31 days projects and top 5 readers favorite projects tooMy Profile

    1. I’ve been praying for the NYers! And yes, the time for hospitality is always “now.” I know I need to be more sensitive to God’s promptings in my own life when He brings opportunities along. I’m sure you will be a blessing to many in your city as you recover from the hurricane!
      Leah recently posted..Different DreamsMy Profile

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